While Savage Worlds doesn’t have classes, the military categorizes soldiers based on the type of training they receive, and organizes them as such. The specialty you choose represents your role within the platoon or company, and your starting equipment. Soldiers are expected to cross-train, however, and it is perfectly acceptable for you to design a character who is equally good at multiple specialties. But you still must chose only one to determine your starting equipment.

The specialties presented here are for an infantry-based campaign. You may design a character outside of these boundaries, if you really want. For example, you may chose to play as a pilot or a tanker. However, expect to play as a tanker who has lost his tank unit and been “adopted” by infantry and fights alongside them. There will be opportunities to commandeer a tank, but don’t count on having one throughout the campaign. Expect the same with airplanes.

As with basic training, unless a die-type is mentioned with the required skills, you are only required to spend one point in that skill (after all, no one said you had to be good at your specialty). The suggested edges are merely suggestions to allow you to perform your specialty better, but the only required edge is Rank for Officers and NCOs. Edges marked with * are presented on the Edges page.

Fighting with rifle, sub-machine gun or grenade, and all to often with bayonet and entrenching tool, the rifleman formed the backbone of the German army.
Skill Requirements: Throwing

Sharpshooter & Runner
Few things were more frightening than knowing an expert shot was peering down on your position through a rifle scope. The German army issued sniper rifles to the company runners, who carried messages between the company commander and his subordinates.
Skill Requirements: Shootind d8, Stealth, Knowledge (Navigation)
Suggested Edges: Assassin, Danger Sense, Dead Shot, Fleet-footed, Marksman, Trademark Weapon

Junior Officer
A Leutnant was an officer fresh from training and prepared for his first command, leading a platoon into battle. If a Leutnant was brave and intelligent, he would earn his mens’ respect. Unfortunately, these are surprisingly rare abilities. These requirements represent an infantry commander; if an officer commands specialized troops, he should also meet their skill requirements.
Attribute Requirements: Smarts d6
Skill Requirements: Knowledge (Battle).
Edge Requirements: Rank (Officer)*
Suggested Edges: Command, other Leadership Edges

An experienced soldier, NCOs looked after the junior soldiers. They could either command squads themselves (Unteroffizier_) or assisted commissioned officers (_Feldwebel). As the German army faced increasing manpower shortages, NCOs would often command platoons or even companies themselves. NCOs are promoted from ordinary enlisted soldiers, and have the training requirements of their previous specialty.
Attribute Requirements: Smarts d6, Spirit d6
Edge Requirements: Rank (NCO)*
Suggested Edges: Command, other Leadership Edges

Assault Pioneer
Pioneers acted as combat engineers, making full use of the modern technologies of war, bridging rivers and constructing fortifications. The German army used assault pioneers, who carried these duties out on the front lines, clearing minefields and demolishing enemy positions. In addition to rifles & explosives, assault pioneers operated light flamethrowers to clear out strongpoints.
Attribute Requirements: Smarts d6
Skill Requirements: Knowledge (Demolitions) or Knowledge (Engineering), Repair
Suggested Edges: Demo Man*, Mechanically Inclined*

The medic was a wounded soldier’s best chance of survival. These brave men provided first aid and organized stretcher parties to move injured comrades back to the field hospitals were surgeons just might save their lives.
Skill Requirements: Healing, Knowledge (Medicine)
Useful Edges: Fleet-footed, Healer, Medic*

Machine gunner
The German army relied on the squad machinegun, issuing one per squad. Doctrine called for the machinegun to act as a base of fire, allowing the rest of the squad to advance while the enemy was pinned down. If you intend to play as a machine gunner, remember that you’ll need another player to act as the loader if you want to get the most out of this weapon, and to help carry it!
Ability Requirements: Strength d6
Skill Requirements: Shooting d6
Suggested Edges: Grazing Fire*, Hose ’Em Down*, Rock and Roll!

Mortar man
Mortars are the infantry’s own artillery, tiny and simple tubes which provide indirect fire. As with the machinegun, another player should act as the loader and carry the base-plate to allow effective operation.
Ability Requirements: Strength d6
Skill Requirements: Knowledge (Artillery), Repair
Suggested Edges: Fire For Effect*, Mechnically Inclined*

Anti-tank Rifleman
In 1942 the famed infantry anti-tank weapons, the Panzerschreck and Panzerfaust, had barely begun development. The only option was the anti-tank rifle. Although not an effective weapon against modern tanks, it could occasionally damage vulnerable spots on a tank, and found use against light vehicles.
Ability Requirements: Spirit d6
Skill Requirements: Shooting d6, Stealth
Suggested Edges: Bullseye*, Tank Hunter*

Half-Track Driver
The German army pioneered mechanization, using armored half tracks as squad transports. These vehicles had a dedicated driver (and gunner), and were able to transport soldiers into battle. Unlike the Americans, the German army even trained at fighting from the vehicle itself.
Skill Requirements: Driving, Repair
Suggested Edges: Ace, Steady Hands, Mechanically Inclined*

Either a captured Soviet soldier who has agreed to fight against his former comrades to overthrow Communism, or a “green” who is fighting for an independent Ukraine.
Skill Requirements: Stealth, Survival



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