Restricted Edges
The following edges from the core rulebook don’t fit with the genre of the campaign, or are otherwise inappropriate choices. If you really want to use one, talk to the DM, but you’d better have a very strong argument.

Adept, Arcane Background, Arcane Resistance, Beast Bond, Beast Master, Champion, Filthy Rich, Florentine, Gadgeteer, Giant Killer, Holy Warrior, Improved Arcane Resistance, Improved Rapid Recharge, Mentalist, Mr. Fix It, New Power, Noble, Power Points, Power Surge, Rapid Recharge, Rich, Soul Drain, Thief, and Wizard.

New Edges
These are additional available edges which offer options focused toward a character in the Second World War.

Background Edges
Combat Edges
Leadership Edges
Professional Edges
Social Edges



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