Tag: Captain


  • Karl Schreiber

    _Hauptmann_ Schreiber may have once been an excellent officer, but he's seen too much in this war. In December, during an assault on Sevastopol, his company was hit by Nebelwerfer rockets in a friendly-fire incident. It took a while, but reinforcements …

  • Adrian Dumitrescu

    _Căpitan_ Adrian Dumetrescu is a pale and skinny young doctor with the Romanian Mountain Corps. Although Căpitan Dumetrscu is an idealist and only wants to take care of the wounded, he has the misfortune to be the youngest son of an important aristocratic …

  • Johann Tromm

    _Hauptmann_ Tromm is proud to be doing his part to defeat the Judeo-Bolshevik menace. He'll look after his command, but he isn't too worried - what can the Soviet demihumans really expect to throw at him?