Karl Schreiber

Commander of Company F


Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Fighting d6, Intimidate d8, Knowledge (Battle) d8, Persuasion d6, Shooting d6, Throwing d6
Charisma: -2; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5; Sanity: 3
Hindrances: Mean, Loyal (to his men)
Edges: Command, Rank (Officer), Dodge, Hold the Line!
Equipment: Steel helmet (+4, 50%), MP40, Lugar


Hauptmann Schreiber may have once been an excellent officer, but he’s seen too much in this war. In December, during an assault on Sevastopol, his company was hit by Nebelwerfer rockets in a friendly-fire incident. It took a while, but reinforcements have finally arrived for his losses. It’s unfortunate that the characters’ squad is the replacement.

Karl Schreiber

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